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Scala Dental Care is a Team of dental surgeons trained in advanced treatment modalities here to offer you with excellent treatments for your Oral Healthcare needs.

We offer all basic & advanced treatments includiing root canal treatment, Crowns, Fillings, Extractions, Orthodontic Treatments, Implants, Complete & Partial Dentures, Periodontal Surgeries, Smile Designing, Teeth Whitening, Venners, Aligners & Many more expertised Quality Services

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Orthodontic treatments are indicated to correct malocclusion of all sorts of complexities. There are a lot of treatment modalities available for various classes of malocclusion. It is important that we identify the issues in the growing ages of Children where the malocclusion can be managed and corrected easier than in an Adult.

Muco-Gingival Surgeries

Muco-Gingival Surgeries are micro surgical procedures indicated case to case. These encompass gingival contouring which involves crown lengthening, gingivectomy & contouring and are indicated for Gum Recession, Gummy Smile and hormonal or drug induced gingival enlargement.

Root Canal Treatments are complex and vary by one tooth to the other. These treatments are recommended in the following conditions: 1. Periapical Abscess, 2. Trauma to the Tooth Pulp 3. Serious Tooth Decay 4. Non Vital Tooth 5. Endo-Perio lesions 6.Peri-Apical Cyst or Granuloma 7. Intentional Abutment Root Canals Treatment. 


There are different methods available for a sparkling smile on your face. Teeth Whitening is a general term used for cosmetic and esthetic enhancement of your Smile.


Scaling & Root Planing is a common preventive and maintenance treatment offered to reduce severe Gum Infections, Bleeding Gums and Periodontal Bone Loss by removing plaque, lodged food, and calculus and treating your periodontium with a relieving pack.


Smile Designing is an intricate cosmetic process involving multidisciplinary understanding of Material Sciences, Design, Dentition, Alignment, Supporting Oral Health and Shade Studies. 

Meet Our Team Of Doctors

“Our dental care team comprises highly skilled and experienced dentists specialized in various areas, who prioritize patient comfort and provide personalized treatment plans. We strive to achieve optimal oral health and beautiful smiles for our patients.”

Dr. Sharath Chandra Reddy Aduri

Director Public Health & General dentist, Scala Dental care.

Dr. Sharath is a General Dentist who completed his Bachelor’s in Dental Surgery in 2012 and have had a Clinical Practice for three years soon after. He identified the pain points in Clinical Practice and voiced out through Telangana Dentists Forum and later gained further insights 

Dr. Nithish kamal Talluri

Senior Dental Surgeon,
Scala dental care.

Dr. Nithish kamal Talluri is a senior dental surgeon who completed his graduation Bachelor of Dental surgery from Government Dental collage and Hospital vijayawada. Having practised in major corporate dental clinics. He is a dedicated practitioner with 2 years of experience.

Dr.Kratika Chauhan

MDS [Endodontics & Conservative Dentistry].

A Dynamic and innovative endodontist with a proven track record of helping patients to achieve optimal oral health and overcome complex mouth and tooth obstacles. Academically astute with major publications. Possesses exceptional ability in quality assurance 

Dr. Vikas Kumar Kacran

MDS [Periodontics and Oral Implantology]

Dr. Vikas Kumar Kacran is an excellent Periodontologist & Implantologist. Who specialises in Full Mouth Rehabilitation. Everyone knows him as a jovial academician with impeccable clinical skills and Punctuality. He hails from a decorated military family background from Punjab.

Dr. Pavan Kumar


Dr.Pavan Kumar is a renowned orthodontist, Providing high-quality orthodontic care with great interpersonal skills, to establish healthy interactions with patients and families specializing in the newest and most up-to-date alignment treatments. Expert in Braces and Invisible Aligners

Happy Stories


Dr. Ashwini Patil has done an exemplary job on my teeth. I went nearly 3 times to get the high points adjusted after placing the caps and I need to say this, she’s got amazing levels of patience, very professional at her job, very very respectful and above all that she’s highly skillful.

Infact, I had a cross bite with my original teeth; but after adjusting the high points I got a proper occlusion which I wasn’t having before getting the treatment. I’m 100% satisfied and all thanks to Dr. Ashwini.


Naveen Krishna


Well experienced treatment given by Dr. Ashwini patil mam (specialist) with a point on pin she covered each tooth with well mannered. Detailed explanation is given on dental issues post and pre treatment ..I would Suggest if anyone having dental issues kindly visit to Scala dental clinic at cherlapally

Shravani Rameshwaram


As I’ve been looking for a Dental Care for a routine general check up, one of my relative suggested me to visit this Clinic as he was pretty much satisfied with their service.

The people at the clinic were very responsive and took a really proper care of me.
The doctor herein is very professional, polite and fantastic.

The best part was they clearly explained me each and every part of treatment that I’ve undergone.

Parthiv Neella


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