5 simple steps to Better Oral Health


“Human Dentition, as in all other parts of the body , expresses characteristics such as health , well being, a sense of order and discipline”

Studies have shown that the major reason for anybody to visit a Dentist is ‘ the pain caused by tooth decay [dental caries]. Dental decay is caused by timely interaction between decay causing bacteria and the accumulated plaque.
Oral cavity is an excellent incubator for various micro organisms to flourish. So, a sterile mouth is an impossible and unachievable state. Here are 5 simple steps to avoid dental decay:
 1. Always make sure that there is no food debris in the mouth between intervals of your food intake.
 2. Avoid plaque accumulation by following proper brushing techniques.

 3. Floss your teeth regularly.
 4. Avoid sticky and sugary foods. [to help you follow, remember this -“Sugars destroy your smile and make you fat.”]

 5. Visit your Dentist regularly to ensure proper oral health.
Usually , simple manual brushing may not reach inter-dental areas leaving them untouched. Such areas will built up plaque over a period. Flossing your teeth regularly may help to an extent in preventing plaque accumulation.
But for an acceptable oral hygiene and health, one may need professional intervention at your Dentist’s clinic.

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