Did your Dentist Say ‘Impacted tooth’?!

Impacted Teeth:Should we react to the potential harm??
P.S: You will find more info on “Impaction” over Internet. However this will surely help you understand better and simple. May be this is all you will need to know.:)


An Impacted tooth is one that fails to errupt into the dental arch within the specific time. – Wikipedia.

An Impacted tooth is any tooth that is prevented from reaching it’s normal position in the mouth by tissue, bone or another tooth. – Medical Dictionery.

Impacted teeth are usually retained within the bone sub-clinically through out the patient’s lifetime, as they do not erupt into the oral cavity. The Causative factors may be:
1.Dense overlying bone.
2.Excessive soft tissue.
3.Genetic factors
4.Inadequate arch space to erupt.
Most commonly lower third molars [ lower wisdom teeth] are usually found impacted. Other common Impacted condition seen in upper Canines followed by lower Canines.
Impaction of teeth may cause Pain, SwellingTenderness of gumsDifficulty in opening the mouth and Bad breath.

Complications that arise due to impacted teeth:

1.Decay of adjacent teeth.
2.Inflammation of teeth supporting soft tissue [Periodontitis].
3.Localized inflammation of soft tissues covering the impacted tooth.[Pericoronitis]
4.Resorption of the adjacent tooth.
5.May lead to Cyst formation over the impacted tooth.

Treatment Procedure includes radiographical analysis of the impacted tooth , estimation of difficulty in extraction, being prepared for the anticipating difficulties through out the procedure and surgical extraction of impacted teeth under local anesthesia. The procedure can be done in one sitting or can be scheduled in two sittings depending on the convenience factor.

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