The “Whys” & “Whats” of Oral Health Care

If you are starting to read this article, it means – you are aware of the tooth problems and the price tag they come with, at your Dentist’s office!! Well, if i may be of some help here, “dental services are as much of a lifestyle service as it is a health care service”. Your teeth need regular professional intervention to stay healthy and pearly !! Even after your meticulous efforts for oral hygiene .
We  all know that we don’t grow another set of teeth after our permanent teeth .Yet, , we are so negligent at keeping them healthy , pearly and bright!! How many of us agree that the smile is the first thing we notice in opposite sex?! [smiling now?!;)] That’s normal . That is the result of one of the evolutionary traits to appreciate beauty.

So finally i could get you to understand that a person’s beauty lies within the smile. And dropping the mallet to, how trivial are our so called efforts to take care of our oral hygiene and health . I vaguely know what’s running in your head now..!! one, “Dental treatments are painful and stressful!!”…but so are the tooth problems! Two, “Dental treatments are expensive !!”…but so is your smile and functionality of your teeth for the rest of your life.Don’t you think it’s the least you could do?!, by the way, it’s better than a watch or a bracelet…or at least I think so. Three, “I don’t have time for a dental appointment”. but let me suggest you here that you will surely regret you said that. Nobody has ever surpassed dental problems. tooth problems will demand more attention than you think you saved on time.. So, what do you think i am trying to convince you here,?!..”Do Not neglect dental care”.


Let me assure you with more information on Dental care and Dental services. Dentistry has evolved way over crude tools to refined delicate cutting tools that are more precise than you think . Today’s Dentists are Dental Surgeons who are trained in Human Biology, Material Sciences, Pharmacology, Pathology, Surgery , Medicine and specialized dental sciences extensively.! With modern Medical and Technological advancements , Dentistry is now literally pain free.

Coming to the price tag!, I agree dental treatments are expensive comparatively. But I think you should know more about ‘Why?’ . Dental equipment and Dental materials at your dentist’s office has to comply with ADA[ American Dental Association] standards to deliver utmost quality care services. The more your dentist tries to reach the standards, the pricier it gets. Well, today there are as many bio-compatible materials as to offer an alternative for the most dental materials. This enabled dentists to offer various treatment modalities with different alternative dental materials according to the choice of the patients. But even such treatments are not for shillings!!

Let me help you understand “Why?!”. Human body is a fantastic construct on its own. It works amazingly within the biological limits[Homeostasis]. But suffers tremendous destruction when crossing such limits. Thus it was necessary for the scientists to develop bio compatible materials to be used in Dentistry which took extensive research and human trials . To develop or to manufacture any new dental material, it has to either go through such tough research or comply to such standards which costs a lot of money. That’s why Dentists are unable to provide services at low cost. Yet , Dental Services are much cheaper i India than when compared to other developed countries , attributing to the   difference in pay scale of the professionals.[which is much less in India].

Today’s technology at your dentist’s clinic enable you to avail the treatments at your convenient time. With different treatment modalities, you can get your treatment done in single sitting or can be broken into multiple sittings according to your convenience. You Dentist will make sure that the entire process is pleasant and pain free.

Other hindrance that’s stopping us now , to visit a dental clinic for a check-up is ‘Mistrust’ which may have developed with previous bad experiences or watching a ‘Quack practice’. Let me assure you, that will never happen with a professional dental surgeon. That’s why i advise you to choose your dentist carefully considering their professionalism and ethical practices.
In conclusion  i suggest …to avoid all the pain and the trouble, “stay orally healthy and fit .” and to stay so, you need professional intervention at regular intervals for general cleaning and maintenance. Have a great smile and an amazing life!!:)

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