Aduri Sumalatha

Managing Director, Cross Family Healthcare & Scala Dental Care.

Aduri Sumalatha is MA B.Ed from Kakatiya University. As an educationist, she has dedicated 26 years of her life to running different educational institutions successfully, which is a significant accomplishment in itself. During this time, she has gained a lot of reputation for being an excellent academician with a talent for problem-solving. Her keen observation skills have allowed her to identify and address issues that others may have missed, enabling her to create solutions that have benefited her students and the educational institutions she managed. Moreover, she is socially conscious and aware of the problems facing society. This awareness has likely influenced her work as an educationist, as she has been well-positioned to help her students understand and address the challenges facing their communities. Her students have benefited from her guidance in understanding their role in society and how they could contribute positively. As a counselor, she has helped many students achieve their goals by providing them with guidance and support. Her experience as an educationist likely gave her a unique perspective on how to help her students succeed academically and personally. It is clear that she had a significant impact on the lives of many students who have benefited from her counsel. Now, as a managing director of a multi-specialty family healthcare and dental care hospital, she is applying her experience and skills to a new field. Given her track record, one can expect her to bring the same level of dedication, excellence, and problem-solving skills to her new role as she did to her previous positions. She is a highly accomplished individual who has made a significant impact in both the field of education and now in healthcare.

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Aduri Sumalatha (M.D)

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