Sharath Chandra Aduri

Dr. Sharath is a General Dentist who completed his Bachelor’s in Dental Surgery in 2012 and have had a Clinical Practice for three years soon after. He identified the pain points in Clinical Practice and voiced out through Telangana Dentists Forum and later gained further insights into Healthcare Delivery Systems through formal education in the domain. He has done PG in Hospital & Healthcare Management from Periyar University and then did certification programmes in Health Finance and in Public Health Management from The Institute of Public Health, Bangalore. He, in parallel gained gobs of certifications in Quality Management as a Process Consultant and now positioned as a Quality Auditor at ODC Standards Certifications [India] Pvt Ltd. His pursuit of Quality Function Delivey has opened up prospects and He now is pursuing an MBA in Technology Management [as the decade has turned into technology-based enterprises] from the University College of Commerce & Business Management -Osmania University. He expressly brainstorms with doctors and other auxiliary supporting teams enabling them to identify opportunities of continuous improvement and ways of cutting down the cost of the service at the patients’ end.